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    Drew Barrymore

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    MOVIE MEME | Best movie you saw during the last year | The Breakfast Club

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    I have no memory of this photo being taken, but I know that it happened in Japan when Sean and I were there to promote Toy Soldiers.

    I imagine the conversation immediately preceeding this went something like this:

    Japanese PR Person: You put on this sweater over your shoulders. You rascal!

    Me: Um…

    Sean: Yeah, we can do that.

    PR Person: Put hands on hips. Rascal!

    Me and Sean: Uhh…


    Me (to Sean): On a scale of 1 to horrible…

    Sean (to me): Horrible. Horrible.

    Me (to Sean): Let’s look intense. So people will know that we’re 18 and very serious.

    Sean: Good idea!

    [We make a Very Serious Face]

    PR Person: Rascals! You RASCALS! GIVE ME RASCALS!

    Sean and Me: Okay.jpg.

    I’m not sure why all the people in Japan said we were RASCALs, but they were very nice about it. I’m also not sure why I had that appalling hairdo, but it was 1990, so it probably made sense.

    To be honest, I’m a little bit more concerned with the sweaters.

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    Elle Fanning out in LA, June 10th

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    oh thankyou so much! :)

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    Angelina Jolie in a casting call polaroid for Sassy magazine in the early Nineties 

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